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OBDPROG M500 Odomeetri / Läbisõidu Muutmine - Kerimine

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OBDPROG M500 ODO Doctor is a new Android based 5 inch tablet, specialized for cluster mileage correction function. It inherits the latest cluster odometer adjust from OBDPROG technology company with various advantages of easy-to-use, world wide newest vehicle model coverage, fast operation and durable features which can meet the actual needs of different users inquire, such as personal second-hand car owner, automobile repair plants and fast repair workshops.

OBDPROG M500 ODO Functions List:

1. OBDII/EOBD Engine Diagnostic

2.Odometer Mileage Correction

3.Read Odometer

4.Write Odometer

5.Data Backup & Recovery

7.One-click Upgrade

8. Oil Service Reset

OBDII/EOBD Engine Diagnostic

Reading Codes: Show the detailed description of the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTCs) Erasing Codes & Reset: Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors. Data Stream: Reads and displays live ECU/PCM data stream, plotting functions graphically and stores freeze frame data. Retrieving I/M Readiness Status: Shows whether the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly and are ready for inspection and maintenance testing. Read Live Data Stream: Show the information of continuous data stream from a vehicle in live graphic (waveform) display. View Freeze Frame Data: Check the certain vehicle conditions which are recorded by the on-board computer at the time the emission-related fault occurs. O2 Sensor Test: Allows retrieval and viewing of O2 sensor monitor test results for the most recently performed tests from the vehicle's on-board computer. On-Board Monitor Test: Retrieves and displays test results for emission-related powertrain components and systems. Read Vehicle Information: Display the information such as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID) and CVN (Calibration verification number), etc. Component Test: Certain vehicle components can be actuated by commands sent from the scanner to test their operability

OBDPROG M500 supports languages:

support odometer correction languages:English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish

OBDPROG M500 ODO Support Car Software list:

Europe: for AUDI,for BENZ,for BMW/Mini,for CITROEN,for PEUGEOT,for FIAT,for JAGUAR,for LAND ROVER,for OPEL,for PORSCHE,for RENAULT,for VOLVO,for IVECO,for SKODA,for SEAT,for VW


Korea: for HYUNDAI,for KIA,for SANGYONG

America: for FORD,for LINCOLN,for CHRYSLER,for GM,for Chevrolet,for Cadillac, for Jeep,for Dodge

China: for GEELY,for BESTURN,for CHANGAN,for MG,for ROEWE

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