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THINKCAR 2 Full System OBD Diagnostic Tool iOS Android

ThinkCar 2 is an OBD diagnostic tool for car owners with powerful functions. It is equipped with full pins and full protocols support, making this ThinkDriver model more comprehensive.
ThinkCar 2, the connector is an on-board diagnostic device with Bluetooth function. Through the connection with OBD, it can read vehicle BOD ll data and real-time data of the entire vehicle system.


1. A vin is $14.95, and 2 resets (abs+sas, when the user uses it will prompt free use) for one year.
2. A reset US$9.95, which can only be used for vehicles that have been bound to vin. Duration of one year
3. After the new user purchases, give a vin+2 reset
Now new customer get 3 cars vin + 2 resets for each vin. Note that it is a car , not a vehicle brand.

ThinkCar 2 Advantages:

1.Software Free Update Online
2. Small Design, Dustproof, Shockproof, Easy to Carry and Store
3. Vehicle Coverage:Supports full system diagnosis and vehicle coverage more than 115 brands
4. Easy To Use, work together with both iOS and Android.Please download the "ThinkCar pro" from APP Store or Google Play, connect by bluetooth to use it
5. Support Multi-Languages and Displays with the Phone System Language:English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese
6. Target Customers:The target customers of ThinkCar 2 are for car owners who have certain maintenance knowledge, strong hands-on ability and can change parts themselves, and car DIYers.
7. For New customer Free Full System Diagnose for 3 Car's VIN now!!!
More Car Brands were Contained (Indian,Malaysia Cars)
8. Operation System: Android / IOS
System Version: Android 5.0 or above / IOS 9.0 or above

THINKCAR 2 Functions:

Full System Diagnose

With superior all systems diagnostics, this multipurpose obd2 scanner can be used to read all available systems ECU information to facilitate the vehicle diagnosis.
The complete systems vary from different cars and they usually include engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, SAS, TPMS, EPB and chassis / body / electrical equipment system etc.

Traditional Diagnostics

Supports manual selection of car model software to complete vehicle diagnostics, including reading DTC, clearing DTC, reading data stream, reading version information, etc.

OBDII&EOBD Full Functions

Support standard OBD diagnostic protocol, vehicle coverage after 1996.
In addition to the function of reading/clearing code , ThinkCar 2 also support real-time data stream ,and switch status, percentage, and graph are displayed respectively.
●Real-time data, MIL, IM monitors
●Freeze frame data
●Stored DTCs
●Clear DTCs
●O2 monitoring tests
●Test results for continuously and non-continuously monitored systems
●Pending DTCs
●Request control of on-board-system or component
●Request VIN and other data
●Permanent DTCs

Protocols: ISO 14230-4(KWP2000) IOS 15765-4(CAN) ISO 9141-2(IOS) ISO14229(UDS) SAEJ 1850(VPW&PWM).

0-100 Acceleration
ThinkCar 2 provides a 100-meter acceleration test. Through reading the real-time data of the vehicle, the 100-meter timing is more accurate. After the timing is completed, the results can be ranked to fight the entire network.
VIN Mode

Support 15 service functions:
ABS and SAS are free,if you want other reset service, buy in "Thinkcar Pro" APP.



HOW TO USE Thinkcar Pro?

Step1: Download the "Thinkcar Pro" in the APP store or in GooglePlay store.

Step2: Open theThinkcar ProAPP, click on"Sign Up",verification code will be sent to the email you input, if you did not got, please check the spam.

Step3: Click on "Activate" to open the activation page, you need to input the serial number and an 8-diagit activation code is on the first page of the Quick Start Guide.

Step4: Plug Thinkcar Pro into the vehicle's OBDII port, there will be a red light which indicates the device is powered on.

Step5: Open theThinkcar ProAPP, it will automatically search for activated devices, select your device and connect to it via Bluetooth in the APP. The indicator will turn to flashing blue.

Step6: In the "Diagnostics" interface of the App, you will need to download the corresponding diagnostics software when first apply"All System Diagnostic"and"OBD Functions".

Application Scenario:

1. Detect vehicle exhaust emissions
2. Detect potential safety hazards.
3. Detect fault codes, clear fault codes, and read real-time vehicle data streams.
4. 100-meter acceleration test.
5. Learn vehicle maintenance knowledge in the interactive community, and post maintenance difficulties for help.

Hardware Specification:

BT: BLE5.0 (Do not occupy listening to songs)
Voltage: 12V
Current: ≤50mA
Storage Temperature: -40℉〜+ 140℉
Working Temperature: -4℉〜+ 185℉
PIN: 16-Pin

Package includes:

1pc x ThinkCar 2
1pc x User Manual

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