BMW Diagnostikaseade Creator C310 E46/E39/E60/E90/F10/F01

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Creator C310+ for B-M-W Multi System Scan Tool is a hand-held tool, its main functions are read trouble codes, clear trouble codes, displays live data stream and graph display and vehicle version information.

Creator C310+ Features:

1. Creator C310+ support for BMW vehicle for 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, X series, Z series and MINI ect. The system include engine, auto transmission, ABS, air bag, air condition, instrument etc.

2. All-in-One BMW Diagnostic Tool: multi-functions code reader, include read trouble codes, erase trouble codes, living data, clear adaptation, vehicle information, datastream graph display, service reset.

3. Perfect LCD Display: 2.8’’ color screen, 320*240 pixel display. Your can read the codes clearly, also there is a ‘Help’ button to explain the meaning of the codes.

4. Unique Design: Handheld size with radian back, perfect fit the hand when hold it. Reasonable button set, select the high quality to improve the feeling of touch, make it easy to operate.

5. No Worries About Upgrade: this OBD scanner is come with upgrade disk, if the disk is missing in the future, please don’t worry, we will provide the website for free on-line upgrade.

Creator C310+ Functions:

1. Read trouble codes for BMW vehicles all systems including ABS/ SRS/ AC/ AUDIO and more
2. Clear trouble codes for BMW vehicles all systems including ABS/ SRS/ AC/ AUDIO and more
3. Displays live data stream and graph display and vehicle information
4. Clear adaptation
5. Engine oil reset

Supports For all BMW after 1996

1 Series: 1'_E81/E81/E87/E88, F20

3 Series: 3'/Z3_E36, 3'_E46, 3'_E90/E91/E92/E93, F30

5 Series: 5'_E39, 5'_E60/E61, 5'_GT(F07), 5'_F10/F11/F18

6 Series: 6'_E63/E64, 6'_F12/F13

7 Series: 7'_E38, 7'_E65/E66, 7'_F01/F02/F03/F04

X Series: X1_84, X3_F25, X3_E83, X5_E53, X5_70, X6_E71

Z Series: 3'/Z3_E36, Z4_E85/E86, Z4_E89

MINI: MINI_R50/R52/R53, MINI_R55/R56/R57/R58/R59/R60

Include : Drive , Chassis and Body all system

C310+ Scanner Specifications:

1. Display: 2.8” ,Color , 320 x 240 pixel display with contrast adjustment
2. Operation Temperature: -20 -- 75
3. Stroge Temperature: -40 -- 120
4. Power: 8V -- 18V
5. Dimensions: 135mm x 85mm x 26mm
6. Net Weight: 250 g Gross Weight: 450 g
7. Certification: CE, FCC , RoHS

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